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Raw Milk Testing
(cow, tank from whole herd, or individual)

At ADM Labs, we use FTIR technology for precision results and optimum satisfaction. All of our bottles and racks are sanitized for your protection. For more information on our milk testing process click here.

All Samples Include Results for:

  • Somatic Cell Count (SCC)
  • Milk Urea Nitrogen (MUN)
  • Butterfat (BF)
  • Protein (Pro)
  • Lactose (LACT)
  • Solids Non-Fat (SNF)

(Included with every test unless specified otherwise)

Health Department (SPC/Coli/LPC)
Standard Plate Count (SPC)
Lab Pasteurization Count (LPC)
Blood Agar (Staph/Strep)
P.I (Preliminary Incubation)
Antibiotic/Aflatoxin Screening
(coming soon)
All component testing done to DHIA/State/Federal Specifications
Certifications in progress
Feed and Forage Testing
(drop-off and mail-in samples)
NIRS Analysis Silage
NIRS Analysis DM/Moisture
NIRS Analysis Oven DM/Moist
NIRS Analysis Hay/Commodities
NIRS Analysis Total Mixed Ration
NIRS Analysis Quick Nitrate Test
Inquire about bulk sampling discounts.
Feed and Forage Testing
(monthly packages with weekly pick-up service)

Package A:

  • Once a week pickup - up to 5 samples per week
    (Includes one hay sample per week)

Package B:

  • Twice a week pickup - to 10 samples per week
    (Includes two hay samples per week)

Package C:

  • Customized package to fit individual needs
    (We come out and collect the samples)

Package D:

  • Up to 6 samples every two weeks
    (Any six samples)