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Just a few ounces of milk hold an abundance of information. Sure, there is fat and protein percent, as well as SCC, but many dairy producers are getting even more information from milk samples - helping them detect diseases, evaluate rations and assess breeding programs in relation to official herd testing.

We provide services to assist any dairyman or veterinarian in maintaining or reaching their goals. Our customers use our services to help determine the level of milk production and analyze components in their animals' milk so they can track health and reproductive information for their herds. Programs are available with free sample vials, customized labels, and pick-up service.

Whole Herd Weigh-Day Testing

  • Components for samples include:
  • Butter Fat
  • Protein
  • Lactose
  • SCC
  • MUN (Milk Urea Nitrogen)
  • SNF (Solids Non Fat)
  • Total Solids

Is your herd Official?

No problem. We report directly to AgriTech, DHI Provo,
AgSource and many others using a full complement of DHI software. Reports
are very comprehensive and over 100 customizable reports are available.
Call for details.

Individual Cow Cultures

The Pathogen lab specializes in processing individual cow cultures. Determining
the cause of mastitis offers considerable savings by improving herd health. The
cost of an individual cow sample is very competitive.

We can determine the most common primary bovine pathogens including:

  • Staph.aureus, Strep. ag., and Mycoplasma spp.
  • Milk Bulk Tank Services
  • Bulk tank culture for Staph. aureus, Strep. ag., Mycoplasma spp.
  • Standard Plate Count
  • Lab Pasteurization Count
  • Coliform Count
  • Preliminary Incubation Count

Same sample analysis for butter-fat, protein, solids, non-fat, somatic cell count,
AND bacterial analysis available (2 vials), all in-house.

We offer pick-up service with our Monthly Packages.

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